Our Mission


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make homes healthy for people and the planet.

The simple fact is, the furniture industry needs cleaning up. Among its routines: Sourcing materials that are not sustainable. Using chemicals that are harmful to our health. Producing cheap products in overseas facilities with substandard working conditions. Shipping over the ocean. Warehousing inventory in large temperature controlled facilities.

We are here to change this.

Pursuing Zero Impact

The pursuit of zero impact furnishings - challenging as it is - inspires us. To this end, we examine everything in our business to meet the highest expectations for design, performance, circularity, human health, and environmental impact. Everything from the materials we source, to our suppliers, to our packaging, to our clean production technologies is studied carefully without compromise. Even as we have made progress on all fronts, there is far more to be done.

Planet-First Ethos

Every design is a delicate balance of elegant modern aesthetic, product performance, and environmental impact. We are unforgiving with materials. From our FSC-certified hardwoods, to biodegradable, plant-based polymers, to non-toxic, GOLS-certified organic latex - everything is examined with a planet-first ethos.

Sustainably Made

People and planet are at the center of our work.

From FSC-certified hardwoods, to plant-based polymers, to GOLS-certified latex, we examine every product for sustainability, quality, and performance. You can learn more about our materials here.

We employ clean technologies, like 3D printing, that have a fractional carbon footprint. We make everything on-demand, do not warehouse inventory, and only produce and ship domestically.

We are working on circularity programs for recycling and reuse of furnishings. We aspire to create a circular, regenerative business that naturally sustains itself, people and the planet.  

Together, this will allow us to create luxurious furniture that is also healthy for homes and the planet.  

Made in California

We produce all of our furnishings on-demand in our first micro-factory in Oakland, California. We have no inventory. We only ship inside the contiguous U.S. We produce using clean manufacturing practices and technologies like 3D printing and digital fabrication. We hand-finish each piece to achieve the ultimate combination of high-tech and high-touch manufacturing.