Boundless furniture and accessories for your life, not someone else’s.

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Meet Model No.

Model No. is using advanced algorithmic design and digital manufacturing to give you the power to curate a design just how you want. We are the producer of high quality, environmentally friendly products authored by you!

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Curate your product: select from many options that fit your ideal size, color, shape and more. Once you have envisioned and ordered your perfect piece, it is produced quickly and shipped directly to your home or office.

Oh, and if you don’t like it we will take it back, free of charge.

Join Us

Innovation is what makes us human and nothing should stand in the way of crafting your ideal lifestyle.

We’re currently working with some of the best in the industry, and if you are a badass designer, fabricator, or engineer we’d love to hear from you!

Current Positions:

Javascript Developer

We are looking for a JavaScript Developer who is passionate about the combination of the art of design with the art of programming & applying new technology to solve old problems.

Javascript Developer

  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Proficient working on a team and the use of code versioning tools.
  • Experience with WordPress / WooCommerce desired.
  • Experience in Three.js, Verge3D, or other 3D Javascript frameworks desired but not required.
  • Experience in 3D printing, digital fabrication, and/or generative design a big plus.
  • Fabricator

    We are looking for a talented fabricator who’s excited to make new things in new ways while being passionate about quality and craft.


  • Experience in Additive and/or Subtractive CNC manufacturing.
  • Experience with Fusion 360, Rhino, slicing software, or CAM preferred.
  • Comfortable with online tools for scheduling, tasks, product info, etc.
  • Attention to detail, organized, team player, and self motivated.
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic, growing, and developing team environment.
  • Social Media Marketer & Strategist

    We're looking for an awesome social media marketer to help wrangle our Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest weekly postings while aiding in the promotional strategy of our online retail furniture store.

    Social Media Marketer & Strategist

  • Experience with managing Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest postings.
  • Experience in curating, posting, and copywriting for social media.
  • Experience creating online advertising plans & strategy within a team.
  • Skilled at helping define and maintain a consistant 'brand voice'.
  • Attention to detail, organized, team player, and self motivated.
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic, growing, and developing team environment.
  • Please contact us via email here for more questions or to apply with a resume and work examples.

    Our Team

    Vani Khosla

    Vani’s background is in software development, civil engineering, and entrepreneurship. Hailing from a legendary family of business-people, she is passionate about changing the world through big ideas and great people.

    Jeffrey McGrew

    Jeffrey’s background is in business, architecture, technology, and fabrication. An award-winning designer, technologist, and public speaker, he loves to solve problems, generate ideas, and help make the world a more interesting place..

    Jillian Northrup

    Jillian’s background is in interior design, graphic design, photography, and art. An award-winning designer, photographer, and successful marketer she is passionate about interiors, product design, and efficient operations.

    Adam Weaver

    Principal Product Designer
    Adam’s background is in Industrial Design, furniture, and brand strategy. A patented innovator and award-winning designer with a sense of humor, he thrives in problem solving while generating ideas that impact users & change the world towards a sustainable future.

    Kevin Zamani

    3D Designer
    Kevin’s background in engineering and machine development is helping Model No. push into new innovations of furniture production though 3D printing and on demand manufacturing. He also likes to sing while working.

    Thomas Balaguer

    3D Designer
    Thomas’s background in lighting and consumer product industrial design and computational / generative CAD is helping Model No. push into changing the way the future of furniture is brought to life with 3D printing, generative design, and additive manufacturing.


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