Cumulus Pendant

MODEL Nº 6007_24-18.7-18.7-LRG_Alabaster-Alabaster-White Hardwired-Warm Bulb
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Inspired by the layered nature of the cumulonimbus cloud, the Cumulus Pendant works as an indvidual light above a small space or as a curated family of two or more above a conter or dinig table. Model No. Cumulus Pendants are 3D printed from a sustainable plant polymer that generates a stunning, cloud-like translucency on its surface while spreading a warm, even light. 

We offer our Cumulus pendants in three sizes, three colors, and two power options. Each piece in hand finished in our studio and micro-factory. Pricing above is for for a single pendant. 

The Cumulus Pendant comes in three sizes. The small size is 10.50" in diameter by 12" tall. The medium size is 14" in diameter by 17" tall. The large size is 18.70" in diameter by 24" tall. 

PLA polymers should be cleaned routinely. Use a feather duster and a natural cleaner and cloth for routine maintenance. Pendant shade is only for use with a LED bulb. Not for use with an incandescent bulb. Hardwired fixture should be installed by a professional electrician.