Every Model No. manufactured item is warranted to be free from defects in materials, craftsmanship, and manufacturing when delivered to your home. Everything we make is covered by a one year warranty, and backed by our Refund Policy and our Renew and Recycle offer.

Our one year warranty applies to everything that we make. We will replace, repair, or refund any products that arrive defective. We will assess each situation individually to arrive at a fair resolution.

Please contact info@model-no.com with any questions.

Please note: The 3D printing process creates a varied, striated texture. Small textural deviations are normal. The exact color combinations are unique in every creation, and the texture may include variations in appearance. Natural wood has character and beauty of its own, and we ask that you embrace the varied surface appearances created by nature’s creative process as we have.

Exclusions: Does not include damages incurred from customer pick up or delivery. Warranty is limited to original owner.


Done with your Model No. and want something new? Moving and can’t take all your furniture with you? Return your item to us and we will fully recycle all of its pieces and parts either by giving it new life or sending to the proper recycling facility.

Please send your used Model No. Furniture piece to:

Model No.
Attention: Renew & Recycle Offer
2100 Dennison Street
Oakland, CA 94606