The Platform Sofa - 5 Piece Corner Sectional

MODEL Nº 2605_108.5-108.5-30-18-STD_Walnut FSC Mix-Smoke_Framed_Sleigh
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The Model No. Platform Sofa combines minimalist design, expert craftsmanship, raw regenerative materials, and modern functionality to create a timeless, life-giving habitat for a healthier home.

At once modern and artisanal, our Platform Sofa’s sturdy FSC® certified hardwood frame offers clean lines and geometry with hand-crafted joinery that echoes its innate classic minimalist architectural ethos and aesthetic. We hand-finish every frame using linseed oil and water-based varnish with ultra-low VOCs that romances the beauty of the hardwood and brings it to a natural, matte-like finish.

To create its irresistibly luxurious feel, the Platform Sofa’s cushioning begins with a soft wrap of ethically sourced feathers and premium quality wool fabric for a soft, cashmere-like feel. For lasting comfort and support, our cushions are made of a durable GOLS-certified organic latex that is both forgiving and firm.

There are no added chemicals or flame retardants in the Sofa. It is naturally clean and toxin free so you and your family don’t need to worry about inhaling harmful ambient toxins.

Configure your Platform Sofa to your space both large and small. Add a pair of Platform Chairs and the Coffee Table to round out a large living space. Configure a loveseat to pair with a square Coffee Table for a smaller apartment or townhouse space.

Match your style. Select from a variety of premium quality wool fabrics, colors, hardwoods, panels, and leg configurations to make it your own for your home.

The Platform Sofa is made-to-order in California. We only ship inside the contiguous United States. All orders can be Threshold or White Glove delivered to your home in less than 16 weeks.

  • Non-Toxic

    Naturally non-toxic materials.No chemicals treatments or flame retardants added.

  • Certified Sustainable

    FSC® certified Hardwoods. GOLS-certified Organic Latex. 100% Cradle-To-Cradle Wool. Ethically Sourced Feathers.

  • Made In California

    Made on-demand for you in California. Not imported.

  • Fast White-Glove Delivery

    Delivered, assembled, and placed in your home in 12-16 weeks.

The Platform Sofa - 5 Piece Corner Sectional overall dimensions are 108.5" wide x 108.5" deep x 30" tall with an 18" high seat.

Care for 100% wool fabrics should include light weekly vacuuming. Be careful not to create any abrasions or blemishes. 

Before attempting to remove a spill or stain, we recommend consulting a professional cleaning service. 

Please address spills immediately by blotting up any excess liquid with a white absorbent cloth. Colored clothes may stain the fabric. Scoop up dry solids with a spoon, working inwards from the stain to prevent spreading. 

For stain removal, please clean with an environmentally friendly, water-based upholstery cleaner. Do not discharge large amounts of cleaner, solvent, or dry cleaning product as it could penetrate the fabric down to the latex. Use small amounts of liquid at a time and blot between each application. Avoid pressing cleaning liquid through fabric. Never rush this process; work patiently and thoroughly. 

Our hardwood surfaces are finished with our specially formulated linseed oil and ultra-low V.O.C. water-based varnish that is non-toxic, ultra protective, and durable. Please wipe with a damp cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid water marks by using coasters under glasses, mugs, or plants, and quickly wipe up any standing liquids. Never use harsh cleaning sprays or abrasives on your wood surfaces. Clean any sticky spots gently with soap or mild detergent and water.