Let's Do This.

We think everyone deserves to know the truth about furniture.
The truth is furniture is harming us and our planet. And its also true there is a lot we can do to make furniture healthier for people and the planet.

Did you know that Americans alone buy more furniture than anyone in the world. We purchase two times more than Europeans and more than either China or India.

Growth in U.S. furniture disposal has outpaced growth of the U.S. population. Americans now dispose 12 million tons of furniture annually. This is six times more than 1960.

Furniture has dangerous chemicals. Flame retardants, formaldehyde, polyurethane, and other chemicals with known links to birth defects and cancer are common in furniture.

90% of furniture is manufactured and shipped overseas. America itself imports four times more than the next country. Meanwhile, maritime shipping emits nearly 1 billion tons of CO2 annually.

Furniture is made from unsustainable practices. Most U.S. furniture is under-regulated using mostly petro-based chemicals and unsustainable timber sources for wood products.

What We Can Do About It.  

We can make more considered choices when it comes to the furnishings in our homes.  

Do your research. Demand information on how the furniture is made. Look for certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Do not buy furniture made overseas. Seek furniture that is made domestically. Choose products with sustainable and safe materials.

Consider furniture rental as an option to ownership.  

Don’t dispose of old furniture. Donate, recycle, or compost it.

Making Furniture Better.  

Model No. is making furniture better with better furniture.  

We design products you will love for many years. Just because its sustainably made, does not mean it is ugly. Elegance, quality, functionality, and sustainability sit at the center of our product.  

We are 100% domestic. We make our products using domestic materials in our own micro-factory based on Oakland, California.  

We use only sustainable and non-toxic materials such as up-cycled plant material and FSC-certified hardwood. We examine every detail with a planet-first ethos.

We produce using 100% clean technology. We make everything using proprietary 3D printers and digital fabrication.

Model No. x Anna Rupprecht

Model No. collaborated with Berlin-based artist and graphic designer Anna Rupprecht to produce a short series of illustrations that bring an unexpected visual voice to our mission. Follow her on Instagram or visit her website to see more of her work.