Noora Table Lamp

MODEL Nº 6106_8-5.25-5.25_Alabaster_White LED Wireless Puck
Selected Color is

Designed to be 3D printed with sustainable PLA bio-resins on a base of sustainably sourced and hand-finished hardwood, Eos has a natural translucency and opacity that creates a stunning visual on its surface while it spreads a soft, even light.

We offer our Noora Lamps in three unique PLA colors.

The Noora Table Lamp comes in one size of 5.25" in depth, 5.25" in width and 8" in height. 

PLA polymers should be cleaned routinely. Use a feather duster, a natural cleaner and cloth for routine maintenance. Table Lamp is only for use with a LED bulb. Not for use with an incandescent bulb.