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Our Materials

Dyed eco-resin

Our dyed eco-resin is a custom formulated PLA, designed to be more durable under heavy use and able to stand up to most outdoor environments. PLA or Polylactic acid is a thermoplastic polymer derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. We work with distributors to find a formulation of this material that will best perform in our furniture. PLA is a bio-resin (or as we say, eco-resin) derived from plant sources instead of petroleum sources. We stand behind its quality in our products and it’s eco footprint.

Our Natural Fiber Eco-Resin

Our natural fiber materials come from two different sources. They are upcycled materials that would normally go to waste or they are ecologically sound crops. In both cases the natural fibers we use in our 3D printing process is made of 100% bio based materials. The fibers from our wood and hemp products create a mat sheen and a unique texture, much like a lightly sanded wood.

Wood & Wood Tweed

Our upcycled Wood PLA uses wood that would otherwise be waste material from wood manufacturing industries and creates a beautifully textured, new wooden material. The wood fibers mix with the PLA creating a new material that is able to be 3D printed into any form or shape. No dyes are added, so the true color of the wood is coming through into the print. At our facility we then lightly sand the 3D printed wood, much like you would real wood, to give a softer feel before being finished.

Our Wood Tweed is this same material, we just do a little creative mixing with some additional PLA material to add a more textured, varied look. So, in short, our Wood Tweed material has a bit more PLA added into the mixture, creating its unique look.


Our Hemp PLA is produced from 100% USA-grown and processed industrial hemp. No herbicides or pesticides are used in the growing process, and because Hemp grows more densely compared to corn and other common crops, it is more ecological on water and land use. After the hemp is harvested and ground into fibers, it is mixed with a PLA material to create the new product that is 3D printable into any shape and form. The final material uses no dyes, allowing it to maintain a true natural brown of the Hemp color.


We use all sustainability sourced hardwoods in our products, sourced from our Pacific North West Distributors. We require an FSC certification on all the hardwood products we purchase from our vendors, ensuring sustainability practices are followed for all of the woods we use. A waterborne alkyd varnish is used to protect the woods we use in our products. This varnish is the latest technology in water-based wood coatings for interior and exterior architectural and specialty wood finishing applications, giving the warm glow of a traditional finish that brings out the woods qualities, all with the safety of ultra-low VOC water-based chemistries.