Welcome to Model No.
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Welcome to Model No.

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

We've developed our designs hand-in-hand with the latest in 3D printing and CNC tools to create totally new products unlike ever seen before. Celebrating the new technology that enables us to make new things in new ways and exploring what's possible today, even if it means inventing the actual machines to do things no one else in the world can do.

Parametric and Generative Design

Enjoy being empowered by the latest technology to design your own custom furniture just like the pros do. Every Model No. design can be totally customized by you via the power of parametric and generative design. You can adjust the size and shape without worry of making something ugly or tippy, for the highly curated designs self-adjust in real time to keep everything working and looking great.

On-Demand Automated Production

Our products are produced automatically on-demand, specific to your order, allowing you to get exactly what you want quickly. Your order goes straight to the printers and robots to quickly and efficiently create your perfect piece with minimal to no waste. And since we're producing in the USA, shipping times are minimal, packaging is reduced, and our product's carbon footprints are tiny.