Eos Fluted Table Lamp

MODEL Nº 6104_11.75-6-6_Alabaster-Walnut FSC Mix-White Plug In Cord-Warm Bulb
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Designed to live as a family of objects, our Eos Table Lamps, share form, scale, and create playful negative spaces that are compelling when arranged as a group or as independent lamps. 3D printed with plant polymers on sustainably sourced and hand-finished hardwoods, Eos has a natural translucency and opacity that create a stunning visual on its surface as it spreads a soft, even light. 

We offer our Eos Table Lamps in six unique styles, three colors, and for hardwoods. Each piece in hand finished in our studio and micro-factory in California. 

The Eos Fluted Table Lamp comes in one size of 6" in diameter by 11.75" tall. 

PLA polymers should be cleaned routinely. Use a feather duster, a natural cleaner and cloth for routine maintenance. Table Lamp is only for use with a LED bulb. Not for use with an incandescent bulb.