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A metaphor for circularity, the Endless Loop Table - designed by Baillie Mishler and Lauryn Menard of PROWL Studios - borrows its material from an ash tree salvaged by a local mill and transforms it into a meticulously crafted image of its very inspiration – the ash tree.  

Deeply rooted, the piece stands upon a stout trunk with digitally fabricated and hand-crafted fluting that echoes the bark of the ash tree and conceals its intricate engineering. The fluting spreads seamlessly into a rounded hand-finished hardwood canopy that forms its tabletop.  

Honoring the tree in its final form, and throughout the process of re-creation, this piece is a beacon of possibility showing us that how we make things can be every bit as considerate, impactful, and timeless as the thing we make. 

Endless Loop Stool

Endless Loop Stools - designed by Baillie Mishler and Lauryn Menard of Prowl Studios – accompany their Endless Loop Table and reinforce the potential of additive manufacturing, technology, and imagination to forge objects that we love without creating more waste.        

Here the collaboration team recaptured the sawdust during the milling of the locally salvaged ash wood for the table and upcycled it into proprietary bio-resins that take the form of pellets. These pellets then feed our large format 3D printers which print each of the stools in one printing motion. We then cap each with hand finished bases to create the same stout and seamless footing as the table.  

A remarkable meeting of technology, traditional milling, and craftsmanship, the stools echo the table’s aesthetic roots and, at once, stand for the progress that might happen at the confluence of circularity, technology, and our imaginations.