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Nature is the perfect system. When one thing dies, it goes back to the earth to make rich sediment for future life. 

Circularity. Regeneration. Connection. This is the inspiration for the Endless Loop Monolith – a one-of-a-kind piece designed by fine artist Mike Han.

Here everything comes into balance. Cut from the same locally salvaged ash wood as the counterparts in the Endless Loop Series, we digitally cut each of the artist’s brush strokes into the face of the ash monolith. On its opposing side, a convex mirror image of the brush stroke emerges in a 3D printed object formed with bio-resins made from the sawdust recaptured during the milling and digital cutting steps. An endless loop, waste generated on one side of the monolith regenerates itself in wanted form on its other side. 

More than an art piece for collection, the monolith is an emblem of living life in balance with the natural ecosystems that sustain us. In this regard, it is our whole and endless story.