Model No. is helping fight against COVID-19

To find out how this is affecting our company and your orders, read our FAQ page

What we're doing to help

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus is a global pandemic. Faced with shortages of critical safety equipment, hospitals and medical professionals need additional support.

  • We’ve produced 868 shield parts for the Maker Nexus face shield project that has delivered over 21,000 shields and counting to hospitals and doctors!

  • We've made 1220 face shields for the local PPE project which has given away more than 20,000 shields!

  • We've joined forces with local hospitals and Helpful Engineers to fabricate a flat-pack version of an Aerosol Shield.

  • And we've fabricated and shipped 50 custom full size Aerosol boxes direct to doctors in hospitals.

If you are staff or an administrator of a hospital in need, contact us at and we will ship you our flat-pack aerosol box, or order through our website. Shipped FREE*.
*for tracking issues we need to charge a small fee per unit for orders made on the websiteOrder Now

What you can do

We are all in this fight against COVID-19 together, and everyone has a part to play. If you’d like to take an active role in the fight, start by considering the tools and skills you have at your disposal, then look for ways you can make a difference locally within your own community.

As a starting point, we’ve compiled a list of links to communities where you can be paired with people who need help. Above all else, continue to heed the necessary precautions and keep you and your loved ones safe.


Helpful Engineers
Do you have PPE? Hospitals need it. Need PPE? Connect with others here to get it.
Make your own Mask
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