Clover Cafe Table

MODEL Nº 1200_30-36-36_Walnut FSC Mix_All Wood Print_No Power
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A blend of modern and traditional, the Clover Cafe Table combines its simple hardwood table top with a base that is sure to catch your eye and give rise to great cafe conversation. Fashioned and hand-finished in our Northern California studio, we shape the wood from the highest quality FSC® certified and locally salvaged hardwoods before hand finishing it into its clean modern look. Using resins from plant waste material, we 3D print its PLA base into an unexpected clover ike design. 

The Clover Cafe Table is available in one standard size. Customize it to fit the style of your space by combing five premium hardwoods and six PLA colors for the base. 

For extra convenience, the Clover Cafe Table offers optional Qi charging technolog so that you can charge a phone, tablet, or laptap as desired. The table comes without embedded charging technology. 

The Clover Cafe Table comes in one size of 36" wide, 36" deep, and 30" high.

Our hardwood surfaces are finished with an environmentally friendly, plant based, hardwax oil wood finish that has 0% VOC and does not contain any water or solvents. It is protective and durable. Wipe with a damp cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid water marks by quickly wiping up any standing liquids on the chair. Never use harsh cleaning sprays or abrasives on your wood surfaces. Clean any sticky spots gently with soap or mild detergent and water.