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Everything we make, in the order of its Model No.

116 Coffee Table

Meet your new, smarter coffee table. Complex organic forms and hand-finished hardwoods hide machined aluminum pivot locks which allow the table surface to lift away, revealing secret storage.

117 Side Table

At the bedside or in the living room (or even at the office) our versatile side table scales to suit any space. Topped with locally sourced hardwoods and available with an optional built-in inductive power supply, this is the perfect parking and charging place for your small devices.

221 Chaise

A stunning chaise lounge that's automatically ergonomic and fits you perfectly based off your bodies dimensions.

400 Bin

There is no need to hide your bin when it is as elegant and shapely as this design. Use it for small object storage, or tuck it by the door as a beautiful umbrella stand.

402 Planter

Modern design and organic forms unite in our versatile planters. Tiny for the table, or big and bold for trees and larger plants. For variety, pair with our tall and elegant Model No. 403 vases.

403 Vase

In sizes designed to showcase a single blossom or big enough to hold an entire bouquet, these elegant, architectural vases are a statement piece whether on your desk or the dining room table. Pairs perfectly with our Model No. 402 planters.