What's in a Model Number

What's in a Model Number

Posted by Jillian Northrup on Jul 22nd 2020


Not just a random number: You may already know that every piece of Model No. furniture has its own unique model number, but did you know that these numbers are tied specifically to the options you choose when designing your piece?

The special numeric code directly correlates to the color options, materials, size and shape of your piece, and provides our systems with the exact information necessary to produce your design. Based on the code (or model number) that is created when configuring a piece, we can tell exactly what the piece will look like before our 3D printers ever fire up to start printing furniture.

Let’s break down an example — Here is Model No. 116|18|18|35.5|6|0|1|-9|-5|-9|0. Check it out for yourself in our Customizer, here: https://model-no.com/116-esker-coffee-table/

As we break down the Model Number into its key parts, we’ll start with the first number, 116, which corresponds to the product type.

Each line of furniture we produce has its own product number. The coffee table collection is 116 and it comes in many different configurations, as you can see here:

How do we go from a standard model to the specific piece you create?

The additional numbers provide more detail on the options you’ve chosen. The next three numbers (18, 18, and 35.5) correspond to the height, width and length of the piece.

Once we have the dimensions selected, the next number determines how many sides the shape of the body has. This piece has six sides that are smoothly rounded. We’ve labeled the sides in the product image to make them easier to see.

After the number of sides, we move on to reference the wood type. As of the date of this post, we have three wood types: Oak, Walnut, and Beech. The 0 references the Oak option.

Our next number references the color of the body of the piece, with the number 1 corresponding to black in our system.

The next numbers, -9, -5 & -9 are the “silhouette” parameters that have been specified. Silhouette adjusts the curvature of the table body and the overall body shape. If you’re looking to make a unique statement piece, adjusting the silhouette parameters is an excellent way to create something one-of-a-kind. 

And finally, the last digit is for the top shape toggle. There are two options — having a standard oval shape, or having the same number of sides as chosen for the body of the piece. In this instance, 0 indicates we’ve made the oval selection.

As you spend more time configuring your own pieces, you’ll soon familiarize yourself with the individual options that make up your unique designs. When you come up with something you love, show us! You can share your Model No. designs on our Facebook page, and on Instagram with the hashtag #ModelNoDesign.

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to make!