Let's cut to the chaise... Model No. is (safely) Re-opening

Posted by Jillian Northrup on Jun 1st 2020


After weeks of careful preparation and planning, we're officially ready to start taking your orders again! Place an order online today and you'll enjoy our fast two-week turnaround for your custom furniture piece.*

And did you know:

How great is that!?!

Shipping direct to you—safely and swiftly

Your safety and the safety of our team is of the utmost importance. That's why we're opening carefully, with an eye to proper sanitation procedures every step of the way. Here's what we're doing:

  • We've revamped our order and production lines so that only minimal staff is required in-house.
  • We'll be keeping our in-house staff at reduced levels until the end of May and only necessary staff will be onsite in June with rotating shifts.
  • All onsite staff has been trained in a strict cleaning regimen that includes sanitizing all production surfaces along with practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
  • This regimen will continue as we ramp up production through June and bring more people back into the office.

*Orders will be shipped in the order that they are received, so if you've already placed an order on the site, you can expect it soon! If you haven't yet placed an order, now is a great time. Due to order load, some delay may occur as we ramp up production.

Our commitment to supply essential PPE continues

Rest assured, we are continuing our support of healthcare workers by making essential personal protective equipment. Our staff will also continue supporting the volunteer projects that provide essential equipment to those working in high risk positions. Read about our COVID-19 response here.