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What's in a Model Number

What's in a Model Number

Posted by Jillian Northrup on Jul 22nd 2020

  Not just a random number: You may already know that every piece of Model No. furniture has its own unique model number, but did you know that these numbers are tied specifically to the opt … read more
How We Use 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

How We Use 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

Posted by Jillian Northrup on Jun 15th 2020

We develop our designs hand-in-hand with the latest in 3D printing and CNC tools. CNC stands for computer numerical control which means the printing and design tools are operated to very precise to … read more

Our Approach

Image of an artfully designed chaise lounge

Artful Design


Sophisticated modern aesthetic developed by industry leaders with backgrounds in architecture, industrial and parametric design who use the latest technology including 3D printing.
Image showing variations within a single product

On-Demand Customization


Our first-to-market digital showroom allows you to fully customize items to fit your needs- from shape and color to size and budget. Your custom piece is created on-demand and ships from our studio to your door in just a few weeks.
Image showing some of the sustainable materials we use to produce our products

Sustainably Made


All furnishings are made in the US with 100% renewable materials from sustainably sourced hardwoods to 3D printed plant resins upcycled from unused food crops. On-demand production means we don’t hold any wasteful inventory.