Welcome to Model No.
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Welcome to Model No.

Reimagining How Furniture is Bought, Sold and Made

Model No. Furniture launched in the summer of 2019 on a mission to change the furniture industry. Founded by a team of dedicated designers, engineers and fabricators, our company thrives on the innovation of experts with a passion for digital fabrication.

Like many industries that rely on outdated, wasteful methods of production, the furniture industry needs a complete overhaul. Challenging the rampant use of materials that are damaging to the environment along with the extreme waste and huge carbon footprint of most furniture companies, our team provides accessible designer furniture using 3D Printing and digital fabrication.

These environmentally-friendly innovations are what lets Model No. create beautiful furniture while maintaining a low carbon footprint using sustainable & eco-friendly materials.

Read our founder’s story here.

The Leading Edge of Custom Furniture Design & Production

Where Sustainable Technology & Design Meet

Our design and production process is synergistic—each piece as designed is optimized for fast, high-quality production. In other words, every piece you create with our online Customizer has been pre-tested within the software to ensure a high-quality product that can be created within our demanding production timelines.

We are obsessed with good design and how digital fabrication paired with sustainable materials can elevate it.

The technology we use for our online Customizer is designed to create shapes and forms that are durable as well as beautiful. That means no matter what shape or size you choose for your design, you’ll be able to enjoy your unique furniture piece for many years to come.

The technology we use for our online Customizer is designed to create shapes and forms that are durable as well as beautiful. That means no matter what shape or size you choose for your design, you’ll be able to enjoy your unique furniture piece for many years to come.

Eco-Friendly Materials & Sustainable Practices

When you think of 3D printed items, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people shopping for furniture, you may not have any idea what kind of material is used in the printing process. Traditionally, 3D printed items are made with petroleum-based plastics—great for customizations, but not-so-great for the environment.

Our furniture? We make it from plants: specifically, all Model No. furniture is made from biopolymers and plant-based resins that provide the flexibility of customization without the need for harmful petrochemicals. These materials are sourced from the non-edible remains of agricultural crops which further reduces waste and lets us upcycle “scrap” materials into beautiful one-of-a-kind creations that are perfect for any living space.

(image sources from Nature Works, manufacturer of biopolymers)

And because these biopolymers are made from plants that are continually re-planted, the oxygen the plants produce helps offset any CO2 emissions in the production process.

For our larger pieces of furniture, such as our tables and chaise, the wood we use is harvested sustainably. When possible, we even use local species in all the wood details of our products. That means no deforestation or clear-cutting is involved in the pieces that we create for you.

As for the other hardware, it’s made right here in America out of recyclable materials like steel and aluminum. Going local lets us avoid the negative environmental impact of importing materials from overseas while ensuring that every piece is built to last.

For information about caring for these materials on our products, please visit our FAQ page.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Most furniture you buy has a significant carbon footprint—it includes everything from the materials used, to the manufacturing process, to the environmental costs of climate-controlled storage, to shipment. At Model No. we do things a bit differently:

  • Sustainable materials
  • On-demand manufacture
  • Zero inventory storage
  • Sustainable packaging materials

Because of our unique create-on-demand business model, we are able to significantly lower the carbon footprint of the furniture we sell compared to traditional furniture.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.


We are a diverse team of designers, fabricators, engineers, software developers and an architect. Our core passion of bringing innovative solutions to the furniture industry using technology and sustainable practices creates a group bond that drives our company. We’re excited about what we’re going to do next. Would you like to join us?

Where we are coming from:

Our Founders:

Coming from a long background in furniture design and business, our Founders have pooled together their expertise to start this innovative new company.

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Vani Khosla

Coming from a long line of business entrepreneurs with added experience in web development and engineering. Vani is the CEO of Model No., providing company direction and resources.

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Jeffrey McGrew

A licenced Architect in CA. Using his passion and expertise to lead the digital fabrication & design teams, he is also the lead on the company's technology development. Having co-founded an Architectural Design-Build company (Because We Can) for 15+ years, he brings an in-depth understanding of the intersection of business, design, fabrication and technology.

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Jillian Northrup

Bringing her experience as an Interior Designer and project manager from having run her co-founded Architectural Design-Build company (Because We Can) for 15+ years. At Model No. she leads innovative directions in materials for the company's products, oversees the marketing and outreach initiatives and manages the overall operations, HR and finance.

Our Design team:

Focusing on parametric design and modern trends, our design team works closely with the fabrication team to produce breathtaking and innovative ideas in furniture design.

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Adam Weaver

Principal Designer

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Thomas Balaquer

Industrial Designer

Card image cap

Anjali Bakliwal

Jr. Designer

Our Manufacturing team:

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Kevin Zamani


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Grant Diffendaffer

Lead 3D printing Technician

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Joel Schwartz

Lead CNC Technician

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Steven Frangos

Manufacturing Technician

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Jacqueline Sepulia


Our Web Team:

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Sean Jones

Senior Software Engineer

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Arik Rosenthal

Software Engineer