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Single blossom or bouquet?

The 403 is your ideal vase to complement floral arrangement, available in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Create a tall, slender vase to capture the beauty of a single perfect rosebud or craft the perfect vessel to hold a glorious centerpiece – or any size in between. Tasteful neutral tones let the beauty of your blossoms take center stage.

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403 | Vase

Your 403 Vase is crafted just for you

Every vase you order is created in our local shop here in Oakland, California, and printed on demand using eco friendly plant resin. Your vase is designed to be both elegant and water tight – no leaks or drips.

The 3D printing process results in a wonderfully tactile finish along the surface of each vase that provides added shine and your personal version of the 403 Vase will be individually numbered and shipped directly to your door.