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Welcome to Model No.

Finally, a seat with your name on it

The Model No. 221 Chaise revolutionizes seating by incorporating your height and inseam when creating the seating curvature. That means your new chaise is exactly tall enough to sit comfortably and helps your back stay restfully aligned whether lounging, sitting or somewhere in between.

Feeling generous enough to share? Our ergonomic design ensures that your 221 Chaise will let others sit comfortably as well.

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221 | Chaise

The 221 Chaise is crafted when you order

Even our standard configurations are created on-demand, so your chaise is created especially for you out of sustainably sourced hardwoods and an eco friendly plant resin designed to be both stylish and durable in any configuration.

The 3D printing process results in a wonderfully rich texture, while the inlaid wooden panels are individually hand finished for perfect smoothness. Soft pads on the underside of the 221 prevent scratches on your hardwood or tile floors.

Your new chaise will be individually numbered and shipped to your door from our local shop right here in Oakland California.