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The 2101 Allium chair pairs classic form with modern function blending organic elements together to complement any table and every home. Crafted of premium sustainably sourced hardwood and veg tanned leather, the chair’s sling style serves up a sophisticated silhouette that is durable and easy to clean. The chair can be custom tailored to fit your measurements providing maximum comfort.

Take a seat and make it your own. Fully customize the size, color, and hardwood of your Allium chair to create your unique piece with its distinct model number.

The 2101 Allium chair comes in a standard size with dimensions of 18.5" H x 19" W x 18.1" D

Need a specific size? Customize your Allium chair dimensions in our Design Studio with ranges from
13.5"-24"H x 16"-22"W

  • Durability

    Made of premium sustainable materials built to last

  • Unique Model No.

    Every item we create receives it’s own distinct model number

  • Seat Fit

    The seat sizing can be custom tailored to fit your measurements providing maximum comfort

  • Choice of Hardwood

    Choose from Oak, Walnut, or Beech to match your style

Care for hardwood surfaces and bases: Our hardwood surfaces are finished with a non-VOC water based varnish that is ultra protective and durable. Wipe with a damp cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid water marks by using coasters under glasses, mugs, or plants, and quickly wipe up any standing liquids. Never use harsh cleaning sprays or abrasives on your wood surfaces. Clean any sticky spots gently with soap or mild detergent and water.

Care for vegetable tanned leather seat and back: We use an incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and premium leather that improves with age. Over time, and with proper care this leather becomes stronger, softer and acquires a beautiful rich patina. The ability to age is a mark of quality. Simple oils such as mineral oil, mink oil or olive oil work well to keep it conditioned. Simply rub in a light coat evenly, then buff it with a clean dry rag. You can repeat these steps and keep in mind that conditioning leather usually darkens it slightly.