Solis Outdoor Side Table

MODEL Nº 1902_17-19.5-19.5-STD_Cherry FSC Mix-White
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The Solis Side Table evokes iconic modernist sculpture with its minimalist design and under-stated power.

Perfect for your coffee in the morning or pass hors d'oeuvres to friends atop its fitted, hand-finished hardwood tray during cocktail hour. Remove the tray and - Voila! - the Solis cameos as a comfortable stool or a stable soapbox for random speeches.

Eco-friendly to the core, the Solis Side Table is made with 3D printers using high quality PLA upcycled from agricultural bi-product like corn stalks. Along with hand-finished FSC® certified hardwoods for the tray, the Solis Side Table compromises nothing for you, your home, or our planet. Puddle proof, we even designed channels to stream away water.  

The Solis Side Table is fully customizable. You can expect the durable PLA and high-quality hardwood to season well with sun and rain with your care and attention. Intentionally designed to pair with our Solis Lounge Chair.

The 1902 Solis Side Table comes in a standard size with the overall dimensions of 17” W x 19.50” D x 19.50” H. Table dimensions 16” W x 19.50” D x 18.50” H. Tray dimensions 17” W x 10.50” D x 2” H.

  • Modular Hardwood Tray

    Removable hardwood tray perfect for serving and as a table top

  • Ergonomically Designed

    Engineered to work as a comfortable stool for extra seating

  • Sustainably Built

    Sustainably made with durable FSC® certified hardwoods and PLA

  • Durable For Outside

    Made of high quality durable material to withstand the outdoors

Care for plant resin 3D printed components: Keep the edges of your resin surfaces clean by dusting with a lint-free, soft cloth or damp sponge, and clean when needed with mild cleaning soaps, such as diluted dish soap or general non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid bleach, ammonia, and other harsh or abrasive cleaners which may damage the texture of the surface.

Care for Hardwood surfaces and bases: Our hardwood surfaces are finished with a non-VOC water based varnish that is ultra protective and durable. Wipe with a damp cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid water marks by using coasters under glasses, mugs, or plants, and quickly wipe up any standing liquids. Never use harsh cleaning sprays or abrasives on your wood surfaces. Clean any sticky spots gently with soap or mild detergent and water.